So I have decided to use this page as a workout log. I want to be able to have links to all the exercises I love in one place, and also a record of my weekly activities so I can keep myself honest. For some reason, telling someone (even if its just floating out there unread) keeps me more honest! Lets hope this works:

Week 3 – 9/24 – 9/30 ( I have been sick for the past few days and know I just need to get better so that is why I am starting on Saturday)

9/24 Saturday: Heart Walk in Jacksonville

9/25 Sunday: 11am Yoga class, and this treadmill interval workout

9/26 Monday: Before work 30 min walk

9/27 Tuesday: Rest

9/28 Wednesday: Day 1 on this Running Plan  

9/29 Thursday: Rest day

9/30 Friday: Day 2 on the running plan

Week 2 – 9/5 – 9/12

Day of the Week Time Cardio Strength Training
9/5 Monday 45 mins Walk Jillian Michaels/Wii
9/6 Tuesday 45 mins Treadmill Walking WO None
9/7 Wednesday 25 mins Elliptical Body Sculpt JCA
9/8 Thursday 45 mins AM walk None
9/9 Friday 1 hour AM Treadmill Routine Wii Strength Training
9/10 Saturday 45 mins AM Walk None – Out of Town
9/11 Sunday n/a OFF None – Out of Town
9/12 Monday 45 mins AM Walk None – Out of Town

Week 1 – Workout Log for 8/28 – 9/3

Monday:  45 minute walk after dinner ( I need to figure out this really bad arch problem I’ve been having!) – didn’t go

Tuesday: Treadmill Intervals  (or Spinning class) – didn’t go

Wednesday: 5:00 Body Sculpt –  wasn’t back on time didn’t go

Thursday: 45 minute walk (AM)  – went but for 30 mins with Sophie

Friday: 45 minute walk and strength training – didn’t go

Saturday: 20 minute Jillian Micheals Shred Video (AM)  – didn’t go


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