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Weekend Update – My Birthday!!

24 Aug

Hello everyone! So since I am new to this blogging thing, I think my goal is going to be to blog on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Until I get more time on my hands I think that is all I can handle. So I have a couple pieces of news.

First off last Monday was my BIRTHDAY! I am 24. Besides going to work, I am had a night with my honey just us two (and Sophie of course). I am very excited about that because as you will read I had quite the busy weekend. My birthday definitely made me realize just how lucky and blessed I am with such wonderful family and friends. I don’t think I could have asked for anything more.

Friday turned into a pretty late day at the client site where I didn’t get to leave until about 6:30. I was definitely okay with this considering I didn’t have to work this weekend!! Chris and I decided that despite the monsoon outside we would rough it to the local TGI Fridays, in honor of the day, and enjoy some adult beverages. My new favorite right now is Sam Adams Summer Ale. It ‘s heavy though so I only drink one. We shared an appetizer, chatted up the bartender, and then headed home for a movie night. It was fantastic.

Saturday was quite a busy day. I went on my first walk in a long time to start out my new found lifestyle a day or two early. I was met with some frustration as my arches hurt for quite a while. I know some people who battled with a minor case of plantar fasciitis, but I think I might have a more severe case. Even brisk walking started the ole arch a burning. Then this brought on lovely debate in my head…. When is pain a matter of pushing through something hard, and when is it actually a sign something is wrong? I decided I would talk to my dad, the doctor, about some referrals, and I invest in some custom insoles for my shoes. I don’t know if it will work, but I guess I am going to have to ease into the running plan, which was definitely not expected. I am more than a little bummed.  So then and a quick little detour, it was operation clean house! I hate doing this drill EVERY Saturday, but it always seems to end up like that. I was having my birthday dinner at a Mexican restaurant in town, and decided it would be much better if gift giving and cake happened at our apartment. WHY OH WHY do I do things like that to myself! I then spent the next 3 hours cleaning. I do find cleaning fun, but not when there is a time sensitive deadline. At about 3:30 when the final headcount was determined for my dinner, I called the restaurant only to find out that they don’t take reservations on Saturday nights, AND for the size of table I wanted I would have to be there at 5:00 when my guests were supposed to arrive at 6:30!!! Enter freak out moment. After quite a long conversation with my mom, we decided it would be better to keep our plans and just get to the restaurant early. After that my perfect plan of cleaning entered chaos as it was already 3:30 and I hadn’t showered. I was running around like crazy, but it all worked out where I finished the necessary cleaning, showered and looked presentable, and got our table in time. Needless to say I was a little more than tipsy after my margarita while I was waiting. The birthday dinner was amazing. I felt so blessed to see all the family and friends that cared enough to spend time with me. Dinner was fantastic, and the apartment ended up looking great, and I felt like a very lucky little lady.


I wish I could say Sunday was a little more relaxed, but it wasn’t. Chris had the day off and we decided to spend it doing the things I wanted to do most, which was of course shopping! I went and spent my gift card to one of my favorite stores, Sephora! Got some great perfume, and some much needed Clinque supplies. Then off to lunch with my family at Chicgao Pizza. MMMMMM. After which we headed to BJ’s to buy my dad’s bday present, a blue ray player. We ended up shopping for about another hour there, and then headed to my absolute favorite store, HOME GOODS. I just love getting things for our home at a discount. Then we headed to Target, and Home Depot. Then we took a little break and got some Cold Stone Ice Cream considering it was soooo hot outside. Then it was about time to head to over to my dad’s house for his surprise bday party. I was the major planner with his fiancé, and things were kind of last minute. We ended up going to another Target because they were holding the Wipeout Xbox Kinect game for us! (BTW: sooo much fun and quite the work out). We then bought him a couple of blue rays for his new player and then headed to Moe’s to pick up dinner for everyone. Luckily my brothers picked up the cake. When we arrived it was pretty relaxing as we just sat around the table and ate, and listened to music per my dad’s stereo. A favorite childhood memory of mine. I was so grateful I got to spend time with my Dad for his birthday. It was a great end to my Sunday.

Whew that is an even longer day when I write it all down!! Chris and I then headed home for a glass of wine and a quite competitive game of wipeout (I lost both but put up a good fight).

So far I had a great birthday. Work is always a little rough, more about that at another time, but I am very much looking forward to the week ahead. Tonight is a nice romantic dinner with Chris at Mitchells Fish Market.  Tomorrow I am having dinner with my dad and his fiancé and Chris at Melting Pot, which I think is my new favorite restaurant! Then to wrap up the week Chris and I are going to the preseason Jags game on Friday! GOOOO Jags! I am so excited football is back!

Go Jags Go!


Well that is all I have for now. On Wednesday I will update you on the progress for my weekly goals.

Monday – Kinect/exercise 30 mins.

Tuesday – 30 min walk

Wednesday – Try to run per the plan and cook Asiago Crusted Pork Chops. (pictures to come!)

Thanks for keeping me honest!!