Weight Loss Journey

Celebrating being 21 at Epcot

This was how I looked my Freshman year at college

So I have decided I want to keep pictures of my progress throughout my weight loss journey – but for all of that to make sense I wanted to give you a glimpse at what the past has looked like for me.

This picture on the right is from my freshman year of college. I was used to playing soccer almost every day for 12 years. I never had to worry about what I was eating because not only did I have a stellar metabolism, but I also burned way more calories than I took in. I love using this picture as motivation, but that is all. I am in no way trying to look like that again.  ( I had just turned 18).  The second picture is more realistic as I had just turned 21. I probably was a little heavier than I liked at that point, but I was still healthy. Now just because I looked healthy doesn’t mean I had healthy habits. This can be seen by my subsequent weight gain.

College was full of bad habits for me unfortunately, but I didn’t actually start gaining weight until after I had graduated. I then moved to Atlanta for 3 months to complete an accounting internship. It was at this point that I started becoming concerned about my weight and the way I was living my life. My job during some months can be quite busy. This means that not only am I working about 55 – 65 hours a week which doesn’t mean much workouts happen, but it also leads to many meals from restaurants. I think restaurant food is one of my biggest challenges personally, and so those months almost always lead to weight gain. After my first internship I moved back to my college town and laid low for about 3 months until my lease was up in May. All of my friends, including my boyfriend still lived there, so I moved back and enjoyed a life of leisure. I remember working out a lot, but I was still in a college town and I hadn’t been able to kick my college habits. Needless to say I didn’t make too many strides or progress in getting to a healthy weight. At this point, however, the need to loose weight wasn’t in the forefront of my mind. Since my return from Atlanta, my college boyfriend and I had started having problems. In the summer we both moved back to my hometown of Jacksonville. I was going back to school for my masters, and he had gotten a job at Mattress Firm. All things seemed to be finally working out, but our fights got more intense over time. I started realizing how unhappy I was and I just drowned those feelings in food. About 6 months later, we finally broke up. I was devastated at first, but realized I was young and with a little weight loss I would not only make him regret his decision for the rest of his life, but that

Right after my diet.
 I would also be ready to start dating for the first time in 3 1/2 years. I am going to keep the name of my weight loss program a secret due to personal feelings about this program. I started the program the Monday after we broke up. In about 6 weeks, I had lost 15inches and 16 pounds. I looked great!!! (at least for that point in time). Right after finishing my crash diet.The diet consisted of unrealistic eating guidelines, and was extremely strict. I succeeded at that point because I was extremely motivated. Soon after I finished my diet, I started dating Chris. Since I already told you about how we met, I will skip repeating that now.  🙂

April 2010

The next 7 months were bliss. I finally looked the way I had always wanted, and I had a great guy to prove it. The problem with crash diets is that the NEVER work! I soon went back to my old habits, and busy life and ended up gaining it all back PLUS 20 pounds!!! I have never been so upset. The weight gain took a lot shorter time. I started noticing a difference in June/July time frame. I remember thinking this is not okay in October when I saw this horrifying picture of me on Facebook. Chris’ sister had just gotten married and so this is a picture from her wedding in October of 2010. I was so embarrassed. I thought to myself there is no way that is me!! I was just 140 6 months ago and now I looked like

that? So I started on another quest to be skinny. I promised myself that after the holidays, and  New Years, and Valentines Day that I would save up and go back on the weight loss program that had worked so well (hint of sarcasm) before. I mean I had to do something and I had to do it quick. My brother was getting married in June and I had to fit nicely into a small bridesmaids dress. Well I am sure this is a shock to all but  the program didn’t work and it was much harder than the first time. Not only was I faced with meals out that I couldn’t eat at work, but I also couldn’t drink. Going out with my friends turned into stressful situations where all I felt was the pressure and sadness that I couldn’t partake, even moderatly, in the food and drink. I started deciding that since going out was so painful that I would just stay in. These were some of the hardest months of my life and in all my relationships. The one that took the hardest hit was obviously Chris. He was trying so hard to encourage me, but I was so unbalanced I only saw the fact that he could have what I couldn’t. I finally decided all the damage this diet was doing my life both physically and emotionally wasn’t worth it. I had lost about 12 pounds, which was enough to barely fit into the bridesmaids dress that I had stupidly bought a size smaller. This diet just wasn’t worth it. I am not happy with the decisions I made during that time, or the people I hurt, but it taught me such a valuable lesson.

October 2010 - Tipping Point #1

Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. It requires transforming your habits, and changing the way you view food. I was so afraid of the “carbs” in fruit that I wasn’t allowed to have it. Seemingly “healthy” foods were off-limits.  After those horrible months, I decided to really transform my life. I am not going to lie things have gotten rough, and the transformation hasn’t been easy. In fact, the weight I lost the second time around has come back as well. I knew this was going to happen because I had deprived my body for so long. The difference is this time I am working on changing my life in the right way!  I think my second tipping point for me was when I discovered all of the healthy living blogs out there. They prove to me each and every day that a healthy lifestyle is rewarding and fulfilling. I know that making the changes in the beginning are going to be rough, but I also know that I fully commit to changing my life that I will get to the healthy weight that makes me happy. Every time I loose motivation, I just start reading. There are definitely points at which I get jealous and wish my life would change tomorrow, but then I remember that is exactly what got me in this place in the future. I love my life and I want to finally start loving myself. I want to be proud of what I can accomplish, and I know that I can do it. So … Stay tuned as I update this page each month with a recap of how I am progressing. I will try to add more pictures so I can see myself and my progress when I look back. Below are some recent pictures of me from this summer. Unfortunately I have gained 5 extra pounds since these pictures, but they are the most recent ones I have. I do not want weight loss to be a battle I fight for the rest of my life so … here we go!!! I hope you enjoy the ride! I sure hope I do. 🙂

Arm Strategically Placed

Vaca with the Girls

Bros Wedding Weekend


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