About Us

Welcome!! My name is Michelle and I am 24 years old. I live in Jacksonville, FL with my boyfriend. This blog is going to help document my memories with my wonderful boyfriend and dog, as well as my adventures in becoming a fitness lover, and keeper of our home. I hope to use this blog as a way to keep track of all my life goals, and my journey through life with my loved ones. On the forefront of my goals list is becoming a healthier individual, and making sure not to waste another moment of my life.

Now a little bit about my past….My boyfriend, Christopher, and I met during December of 2009 at bar (his favorite part of this story) through friends of friends. I would be lying if I said it was love at first sight. We started hanging out at the same places by coincidence and quickly realized our attraction to one another. We started dating shortly after and have been inseparable ever since. We started officially dating in April and started living together in July. Our love and attraction is undeniable. Living together has been the happiest and most challenging part of our relationship and is really preparing us for our long future together. I love him with all my heart and I feel like the luckiest woman every day. I know my life with him will be everything I dreamed of since I was a little girl.

I am a recent CPA at a Big 4 Accounting Firm and he is currently working as sales rep while finishing his degree. Needless to say our life is quite busy as we both try to navigate through the challenges of our everyday life. We see our future together and can’t wait for it to begin. 

I am currently working around 50-55 hours every week while trying to figure out the tricks of maintaining a household. I love to be organized, but it doesn’t quite always work out like I want, and he loves to enjoy life. I want to start this blog to not only share our life with our wonderful friends and family, but to also document our life together. I want to be able to look back and see all the wonderful things that we experienced together.

I truly feel that our love is one in a million and I don’t want to forget a single thing about our life. I know things will get crazy at times especially as our life together progresses into being husband and wife, and hopefully one day mom and dad. I want this blog to be not only a way for me to share our life, but also a way to keep myself accountable for all the goals I have for my life. I hope you enjoy following me through this process of learning how to keep a home in order, maintain a healthy body, and love unconditionally.

I also want to use this blog as kind of a healthy living blog. In addition to keeping everyone updated on our life together, I want this to also be a place where I can keep myself honest and hopefully acheive my goal of a healthy weight. Right now I am not proud of the way I look or feel. I am working on fixing it, but through my desperate attempts and fad diets, i am learning the hard way that good things don’t come easily or quickly.  So thanks for joining me on this journey  I call life – through its ups and downs – I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a wild ride – MY wild ride – and I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Here is a pic of me and chris when we first met… This was at my thinnest (because I had just finished a fad diet – so obviously the results were temporary). I still love this photo tho!! It’s an even better photo becuase he’s a hardcore Georgia Fan!! 🙂

Go Gators!

This next pic is of our puppy Sophie. She was born on Valentines Day of 2010. She is very spunky, full of life, and constantly makes us laugh. We love her to death.
This picture was taken on our drive home. She was so tiny!


My two loves


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