28 Sep

So I have come to a couple of realizations in the past couple of weeks. Get ready I think this is going to be my favorite post.

Realization number 1: I don’t think I ever want my blog to be my full time job. I am just not comfortable with my writing or sharing my personal thoughts. I enjoy getting a chance to play around with my own website, write occasionally as a therapeutic way to get all my thoughts on paper, and of course chronicle my journey. I read a handful of other blogs and occasionally they will have a post about blogging and how to increase your readership, and I found myself thinking yesterday – I really don’t want that. I want this for me. Ahhh finally – something I am doing only for myself. J

Realization number 2 – I love morning workouts but I am really not a morning person! I am attempting to do C25K as I realized my first 5K “Race for the Cure” is literally in a month. I have been having some major foot pain and I have decided its doctor time and its training time. I know training isn’t going to be easy, but that is why I want to do it right. So if I quit everytime I run into an injury or a hard run then I obviously don’t want it bad enough. I realized this morning that while although my foot pain might not be normal the difficulty of starting to run (when I haven’t run in years and have put on some extra weight) is the same for everyone. Its hard! If it wasn’t hard then everyone would be doing it! Now I do recognize that my foot pain probably isn’t normal so I am calling Dr. Dad to get a referral to get my foot a fixed. I need to at least give myself enough respect to take care of my body.

Realization number 3: Routines really do work!!! So this past couple of days I have been making myself come home and do just a few things before I sit down to relax – pick up for 15 minutes, clean my kitchen (shine my sink), and make sure tomorrow is ready to go. OMG can I say how excited I am about how much I have been able to do this week. For starters – it is Wednesday and the house is not a complete catastrophe. Normally by this point in the week I can’t wait for the weekend so I can clean because the house would be such a mess. But instead of taking 15 minutes to pick up whatever I could get my hands on I would just start out defeated and say oh well I’ll do a marathon cleaning session on Saturday. UH not this Saturday baby!!! I am so pumped. Now don’t get me wrong I still need to mop, take out the trash, sweep, and vacuum, but my goal is to have just those few things on my to do list in the way of cleaning. Oh man I love this and I really want to keep going with it. I am really on a roll.

Realization number 4: WW works! So I have been struggling the past few months with my weight. I was getting worried because it felt like nothing I did was having an impact. I have only weighed in once but I lost 3.2 pounds my first week and I didn’t feel deprived at all. My strategy is to stay within my points during the week and work out and then use my activity points and weekly allowance to enjoy my weekend and not feel restricted. I am learning that going to restaurants and over eating doesn’t have to happen and actually when it doesn’t I enjoy it sooo much more. I have also stopped drinking during the week unless there is an event or I have had an usually bad day. This has also been helped by the BF and I deciding to save money and stop buying a lot of beer/wine. We are realizing we are spending a lot of money and really just do it out of habit. I really appreciate his support in this because I really think it has made a difference.

So in the end I feel like things are getting better. I still want to work on keeping our bedroom clean which always seems to be a disaster, and I want to keep working out and losing weight. I also want to work on maintaining a positive attitude when it comes to life in general. I am incredibly blessed and I should show God how much I appreciate and acknowledge that every day. My newest interest is getting the book where you read the bible in a year. I really want to say I have read the entire bible. J

Also something new – I think I am going to post some reciepies soon with pictures as well. I think I am also going to download live writer as it seems to be the most widely used blogging program. I have been using word and then just the generic picture upload to insert pictures and it is always a pain – hence my lack of pictures. After all this is a learning experience – until next time. J


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