Update and Game Plan….

21 Sep

So the past 2 weeks have been pretty uneventful. We arrived safely back from Texas with only one minor injury to Chris’ knee. He is still trying to nurse it back to health, but I think the worst is behind him. Recently I have kind of felt overwhelmed by a lot of things so I think that contributed to my lack of blogging. I get so jealous of everyone who finds the time to blog 3 times a day and then I realize — they do this for a living and I don’t. So now that I have myself back to realistic expectations I am ready to move on. This week was Chris’ 25th birthday!! We celebrated last night with dinner with his parents and topped it off with grabbing a couple of drinks with his friends. Overall the night was great and I felt very happy with how I handled everything. I didn’t overindulge once! I am sooo proud of myself! This past week I realized that my weight gain isn’t going to go away unless I take some noticeable steps to improve my health. My family is a little worried about me so until my next doctor’s appointment I am going to be doing 4 major things as consistently as possible to help 1. Loose weight or 2. Identify the problem if there is one. So here are my 4 steps to success:

  1. Only eat out 2x a week
  2. Only drink on Friday and Saturday (unless for a special occasion) and limit myself to 3 drinks
  3. Workout 4 times a week at a minimum
  4. Cook healthy dinners as usual and track all food

After just doing these 4 things for a week I think I have already noticed a difference. My weigh in day is Friday so I will keep you updated, but I think this might be my ticket. J In other news, I committed to running in the Race for the Cure and a 6K on Thanksgiving day. I really want to use these two races as my jumpstart to figure out this arch thing. As you can see on my workout’s page the running plan has begun. I am interested to see how long I can keep up with this and if icing, stretching, and insoles might help. As for dinner tonight will be a simple grilled chicken on the George forman, and roasted vegetables. I had a recipe to make chicken tretrazzini from cooking light but after reading the reviews I decided it was too much work for a questionable outcome. Anyways I am looking forward to catching up on some TV premiers and calling it an early night. This being sick thing is for the dogs. I am ready to get over this and if anything this has definitely convinced me to get a flu shot. I am deathly afraid of needles but getting the flu might be worse.  Until next time  🙂


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