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28 Sep

So I have come to a couple of realizations in the past couple of weeks. Get ready I think this is going to be my favorite post.

Realization number 1: I don’t think I ever want my blog to be my full time job. I am just not comfortable with my writing or sharing my personal thoughts. I enjoy getting a chance to play around with my own website, write occasionally as a therapeutic way to get all my thoughts on paper, and of course chronicle my journey. I read a handful of other blogs and occasionally they will have a post about blogging and how to increase your readership, and I found myself thinking yesterday – I really don’t want that. I want this for me. Ahhh finally – something I am doing only for myself. J

Realization number 2 – I love morning workouts but I am really not a morning person! Continue reading


Update and Game Plan….

21 Sep

So the past 2 weeks have been pretty uneventful. We arrived safely back from Texas with only one minor injury to Chris’ knee. He is still trying to nurse it back to health, but I think the worst is behind him. Recently I have kind of felt overwhelmed by a lot of things so I think that contributed to my lack of blogging. I get so jealous of everyone who finds the time to blog 3 times a day and then I realize — they do this for a living and I don’t. So now that I have myself back to realistic expectations I am ready to move on. This week was Chris’ 25th birthday!! We celebrated last night with dinner with his parents and topped it off with grabbing a couple of drinks with his friends. Overall the night was great and I felt very happy with how I handled everything. I didn’t overindulge once! I am sooo proud of myself! This past week I realized that my weight gain isn’t going to go away unless I take some noticeable steps to improve my health. My family is a little worried about me so until my next doctor’s appointment I am going to be doing 4 major things as consistently as possible to help 1. Loose weight or 2. Identify the problem if there is one. So here are my 4 steps to success: Continue reading

September here we go and my theme song

5 Sep

Hi guys!! I know I haven’t been the best at making sure I am posting consistently and I am sorry. But considering this is mostly for me I am not that sorry hehe. Well these past couple of days have been a quite a change. We reached a big deadline at work finally, and I have gotten some days of PTO. So I have been off of work since Thursday September 1. Considering that was 5 days ago I am not terribly pleased with myself. I haven’t been feeling that great and to top it off I feel like I have been in a rut. I was so used to working like crazy that I let things go and I wasn’t keeping myself accountable. That is all going to change. Things have to start changing that is for sure. I want to start keeping promises to myself more, but at the same time I am going to have to realize that I can’t be perfect, and this journey isn’t going to be either. So through reading all my blogs I have gotten a second wind. I spent some time today updating my Weight Loss Journey page so make sure to check it out, and now I am going to get to cleaning, and organizing things for the rest of the day. I spent my time relaxing, and not its time to get to it. So here is my game plan for the Week…

Monday – Finish Cleaning, make Fall Budget, Work at Desk and on Computer, Workout, and Laundry (considering its 4 o’clock I better get a definite move on it huh??!!! – enter my theme song see below)

Tuesday – Complete my workout, meet for a work lunch, Work on Home Organization Notebook, Cook

Wednesday – Work on Routines, Workout, Work on Home Organization, Cook

Thursday – Workout, Pack, Laundry

Friday – Workout, Travel to Texas

Saturday – Monday – Out of town 🙂

Yea that is right I haven’t mentioned my family and I are traveling to Texas this weekend where my Aunt is getting married. It should be quite some fun. I have missed my family, and I think I need  a break away too 🙂

So as you know I have some hefty goals for my life and September is the perfect month to get started on those. I have  goals related to food, fitness, and home organization. The three areas I am trying to work on. You know the part in the movies where the music takes over and you see the character kicking their life into gear or falling into love, well that is going to be my September. I have decided my theme song is going to be the one from Something Borrowed..

Favorite Movie - September

I am a little obsessed with this movie and the theme song. So…  “Everybody hurts a little too much, Everybody hurts but its never enough. Its wonderful to fall, let’s love and risk it all. I’d rather love just a little too much!”

Here are my goals for the month and at the end I will update you on my progress:

Food goals for September

  • Cook 4 nights of the week, 1 quick meal, 2 nights out
  • Put grocery spending on a budget $75-$100 a week
  • Cook with fresh veggies 3x a week
  • Don’t throw out meat uncooked
  • Track food

Workout Goals for September ( see my Workout Page for specifics on my workout plan each week)

  • Make 2 workouts B4 Work
  • Strength train 1x week
  • Walk consistently to work up to running
  • Yoga 1x week

Well I think that is all for now. I just listened to my “theme song” for the 3rd time and now I am pumped and ready to accomplish things  – what a perfect song to get you smiling and moving